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Intelligent Vehicle Products, Inc. (IVP, formerly HCI Corporation) has been developing, making, and selling tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) for more than 10 years under the brand name Tire-Safeguard. Over the years we have developed a full range of TPMS products serving the consumer recreation vehicle, emergency vehicle, and commercial transportation industries. We are the only company that can offer TPMS with internal valve-mounted, internal rim-mounted, external cap, and external flow-through tire sensors. IVP develop all products by in-house engineers with state-of-the-art and proprietary technologies and manufacture the products in our own factories. IVP is based near Los Angeles, California, USA.


IVP invented the TPMS external stem-mounted flow-through sensor in the mid 2000’s and have obtained a patent soon afterward. For commercial fleet tire monitoring applications, external sensors are easy to install and maintain and, therefore, are better choices than the internal sensors. However, external cap sensors must be removed and then reinstalled for air refills. In contrast, flow-through sensor supports refilling air through the built-in sensor valve stem and therefore much more user friendly.

As technology advances, IVP continues to develop leading-edge products that incorporating intelligent functions and controls to support vehicle operations, among them:

(1) A wireless vehicle weight measurement system that enables commercial vehicle drivers to easily and accurately obtain the weights of the tractor and trailer.

(2) A wireless dual tire pressure monitor and equalizer to be installed on a vehicle dual wheel and connecting to the two tire valve stems. The product includes capabilities of monitoring individual tire pressure and transmitting tire data to be received by a remote  receiver, equalizing pressure in the two tires when pressure is above a selected level, isolating the two tires when pressure is below the selected level, and transmitting warning signals upon detection of low pressure and air leaks. 

(3) An intelligent tire pressure management system capable of real-time tire pressure monitoring, vehicle load detection, and automatic tire inflation and deflation for maintaining optimal tire pressure in a commercial vehicle. Additional functions include counting tire rotations for calculating and recording distance travelled for each tire, and detecting wheel sliding due to locked-up tires.

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