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2014-10-15 19:23:15 IVP IVP

Leading-edge Proprietary Technologies


Tire-Safeguard tire pressure monitor employs superior technologies:

  • We build systems from the ground up and possess proprietary technologies on all aspects of tire pressure monitoring.

  • We build circuitry using basic components such as the pressure sensors. Whereas most other TPMS vendors rely upon using ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit, developed by IC companies such as SensorNor and GE) with built-in TPM sensor and control firmware to make their systems; they just add the RF functions and user interface.

  • We support both ASK and FSK modulation methodologies on sensor signal communication, while most other vendors only support the ASK. For large vehicle such as a mining truck, FSK TPMS is a must for working under the strong RF interference signals generated by the huge engine.

  • We support various OEM interfaces and are able to offer IIC, UART/RS232, J1939, and RV-C connectivity.

  • Our products are consistently outperforming other similar products.


    Intelligent Vehicle Tire Automatic Inflation and Deflation System:


    After many years of research and development, IVP is ready to bring to the market the first and only Intelligent Vehicle Tire Automatic Inflation and Deflation System (patenting pending) for commercial vehicles.


    This system includes a chassis-mounting control module connecting to the vehicle air supply, a hubcap-mounted dual wheel valve assembly that connects to the air tubes from the control box. The inflation/deflation supporting dual wheel valve apparatus has an embedded electronic unit that monitors individual tire pressure and temperature in real time, and communicates with the control box over the power line. Furthermore a load sensor integrated with the control box provides the system with the current vehicle load information. With readily available real time tire pressure data and current vehicle load information, this system can intelligently adjusts tire pressure to the desire level when necessary and, as a result, prolongs tire life, improves fuel economy, reduces the vehicle maintenance costs, and promptly alerts the driver of low, leaky or flat tire conditions, thereby enabling the driver to take immediate corrective actions.



Unique Features:


  • Automatic tire inflation and deflation for intelligently maintaining optimal pressure in a commercial vehicle tires

  • Diver controllable tire pressure adjustment with respect to weather and road conditions.

  • Real-time tire pressure monitoring with rapid warnings for abnormal tire conditions such as low pressure, blowouts, slow leaks, etc.

  • Vehicle load detection - full load, half load, empty load – for intelligently adjusting tire pressure.

  • Counting tire rotations for calculating and recording distance travelled for each tire.

  •  Detecting wheel sliding caused by locked-up tires, especially in severely cold weather.

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