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We have comprehensive vehicle product offerings

Tire-Safeguard tire monitoring products are among the best available, and we have

a full range of tire monitoring solutions that no other TPMS venders can match:



  • TPMS with internal valve mounted sensors.

  • TPMS with internal rim mounted sensors.

  • TPMS with external cap sensor with replaceable battery

  • TPMS with external “flow-thru” valve stem mounted sensor with replaceable

  • TPMS with Tyron run-flat tire band mounted sensors.

  • TPMS for automotive, recreational, commercial, and off-the-road vehicles, from passenger cars,

  • motorhomes, tractor-trailers, buses, to mining trucks.


  •   In Addition, we’ve developed many products to support commercial vehicle operations: 

  • Wireless dual tire pressure monitor and equalizer.

  • Wireless commercial vehicle weight measurement system.

  • Intelligent and automatic tire inflation and deflation system.














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