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Tire Pressure Monitoring Solutions


  • It is at the core of our ability to know you - our customers - and reach you in ways that deliver value to all parties. We can develop solutions quickly and cost-effectively to fit your special needs. Our advanced proprietary technologies, talented staff engineers, and state-of-the-art design and manufacturing capabilities enable us to take on practically any tire pressure monitoring projects:  

  • For automobile manufacturers, we can develop customized components for a seamless integration of the tire-pressure monitoring functionality to your vehicles. We can also integrate our product into other vehicular products and systems.

  • For companies with a large number of vehicles, we can supply you with checkpoint systems and our fleet version of Tire-SafeGuard. We can customize the system to remotely and automatically collect tire pressure information from your vehicles, then upload the data to your fleet management system via an interface and protocol of your choice.

  • We can also handle extended size automobiles and trailers with any number of wheels.




TPMS and External Device Communication



Tire-Safeguard TPMS supports communication with external devices such as fleet telematics/GPS tracking systems and RV instrument panels. Some external devices can accept data inputs while others can take only a simple pull up/down signal. We can customize our TPMS to interface with external devices over any standard or proprietary protocols. The interfacing can be built into the monitor, or built as a receiver in a separate enclosure, or as a print circuit board (PCB) for embedded installation inside the external device.




Dual-Tire Pressure Monitor & Equalizer Integrating with MTIS


Description: Dual-Tire-TPM&E-Inflate

Benefits of the Integrated System:

  • Immediate detection of abnormal tire conditions

  • Prevents over inflating tires by the inflation system

  • Prevents unnecessary inflation caused by line-leaks

  • Inflates tires only when the tires are actually low

  • Substantially reduces inflation system operating time and, as a result, would realize significant savings in maintenance and replacement costs


    Telematics Solutions


    We are deeply committed to supporting the variety of emerging technologies in the fertile field of telematics. We are totally dedicated to providing highly successful telematics solutions in the marketplace. We can develop in-vehicle electronics for communications, entertainment, navigation, tracking/logistics, safety and emergency services applications. We can in addition offer our services in developing application specific integrated modular automotive telematics systems.




Run-Flat TPMS Solution


Based on customer specifications, we’ve specially designed an OEM sensor for fitting under the Tyron steel band to support run-flat tire pressure monitoring.


Mining Vehicle TPMS Solution


Over the years we have worked with a number of companies on finding a TPMS solution for mining vehicles.

·   In 2005, we worked with a Canadian wheel company for a TPMS on underground mining vehicles.

·   In 2006 we worked with a Chilean technology firm to provide TPMS solution for an open-pit copper mine.

·   In 2007 we worked with a US firm to provide TPMS solution for an open-pit coal mine. This firm was equipping the mine with vehicle tracking networks and wanted to include TPMS capabilities.




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