The Automatic Drop-n’-Hook TPMS

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The Automatic Drop-n’-Hook or ECU is a dedicated Electronic Control Unit for a tractor-trailer or trailer-only tire pressure monitoring system. The weatherproof ECU is mounted on the trailer and has its own LCD display and control buttons. The driver can use the buttons to call up individual tire pressure and temperature readings plus tire status. The buttons also supports programming the sensors to the tires. The ECU has an external antenna connector that normally is connected with a short antenna, which mostly is sufficient for receiving signals from external tire sensors. If necessary a cabled antenna can be used for improving signal reception.

The Trailer-Only ECU has another connector for receiving power supply and for driving an amber colored light that can be seen by the driver from a rear-view mirror on the tractor. The ECU will monitor the tires whenever there is power to the unit and, upon detection of low pressure or blow-out tire(s), turn on and flash the amber warning light to alert the driver (trailer-only) or alert the monitor in the driver cab (Drop-n’-Hook).


The ECU also can interface to an external device through a J1939 or UART communication link.


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