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Intelligent Vehicle Products, Inc. (IVP) offers a comprehensive line of tire pressure monitoring products for motorhomes and commercial vehicles under its Tire-Safeguard brand.


Tire-Safeguard TPMS has available many different kinds of tire sensors:

  • Internal rim-mounted sensor

  • Internal valve-mounted sensor

  • External valve stem-mounted cap sensor with user replaceable battery

  • Patented external flow-through sensor with user replaceable battery


Internal Rim-Mounted

Internal Valve-Mounted

External Valve-Stem-Mounted

Flow-Through with User Replaceable battery

External Valve-Stem-Mounted

with User Replaceable Battery

External Valve-Stem-Mounted

with Double Batteries



  • Patented dual-tire pressure monitor & equalizer with wireless tire monitoring to pressure equalization, the only product of this kind available on the market.


Description: TPM-E1-b



The portable monitor has a LCD screen showing pressure and temperature readings for each tire and is powered by a rechargeable battery; the user can take the monitor along when refilling air and see the current pressure readings from the screen. Tire-Safeguard monitor is user friendly and supports do-it-yourself: adjustable settings – including per axle low pressure warning levels, sensor programming, and changing vehicle configurations. Tire-Safeguard monitors tires continuously and, upon detection of abnormal tire conditions such as low/high pressure, high temperature, or slow leaks, alerts the user immediately by beeping, status light flashing, and warning icons display.



IVP designed and developed all products in USA with proprietary technologies, and manufactured at own factories. Since 2005, Tire-Safeguard products have been selected by the government five (5) different times to participate in various TPMS tests and studies; three of the tests were yearlong studies with Tire-Safeguard installed on many heavy-duty vehicles (test reports available).


What differentiate IVP from others are: Tire-Safeguard TPMS is market proven and government tested, IVP has proprietary technologies and makes its own systems, IVP has in-house Research and Development staff and facilities that continuously keep coming out with new and innovative vehicle products.


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